Stackstripmap CSK

Added by Minh Nguyen 6 months ago

Hi all,

I'm working on Stackstripmap with Cosmos Skymed to further process with StaMPS.
In run_5_refineSlaveTiming, I faced below message error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/minhnguyen/app/isce2_202007_csk/stack/stripmapStack/", line 155, in <module>
  File "/home/minhnguyen/app/isce2_202007_csk/stack/stripmapStack/", line 146, in main
  File "/home/minhnguyen/app/isce2_202007_csk/stack/stripmapStack/", line 51, in runCmd
  File "/home/minhnguyen/app/isce2_202007_csk/stack/stripmapStack/", line 224, in main
  File "/home/minhnguyen/app/isce2_202007_csk/stack/stripmapStack/", line 156, in fitOffsets
    aa, dummy = field.getFitPolynomials(azimuthOrder=azazOrder, rangeOrder=azrgOrder, usenumpy=True)
  File "/home/minhnguyen/app/isce2_202007_csk/isce/components/isceobj/Location/", line 413, in getFitPolynomials
    azmin = np.min(inArr[:,2])
IndexError: too many indices for array

I go around to troubleshoot and found this related thread but I'm not sure they are the same issue:
Attached the log file of run_5_refineSlaveTiming

Looking for your suggestion.

run5log (12.1 kB)