Error in DInSAR progress using the ERS-ENVISAT format dataset

Added by Sayyed Mohammad Javad Mirzadeh 8 months ago

Dear Support team,

I am going to generate an interferogram using two ERS-ENVISAT format images from the ESA website but I faced the following error:

Debug Flag: start populate Metadata
Debug: pri = 0.000595281162932
Debug Flag Populate Instrument Done
Debug Print: Frame UTC start, mid, end times: 1998-10-02 06:48:10.000401 1998-10-02 06:48:19.000445 1998-10-02 06:48:28.000490
2020-06-04 23:11:48,777 - root - INFO - Using Delft Orbits
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/applications/", line 987, in <module>
status =
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/components/iscesys/Component/", line 142, in run
exitStatus = self._processSteps()
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/components/iscesys/Component/", line 405, in processSteps
result = func(*pargs, **kwargs)
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/components/isceobj/StripmapProc/", line 46, in call
return self.method(self.other, *args, **kwargs)
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/components/isceobj/StripmapProc/", line 127, in runPreprocessor
slave = make_raw(sensor, slavedop)
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/components/isceobj/StripmapProc/", line 210, in make_raw
objMakeRaw(sensor=sensor, doppler=doppler)
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/components/iscesys/Component/", line 179, in call
return getattr(self, self.
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/applications/", line 243, in make_raw
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/components/isceobj/Sensor/", line 286, in extractImage
self.populateMetadata() # populate Platform, Instrument, Frame, and Orbit
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/components/isceobj/Sensor/", line 129, in populateMetadata
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/components/isceobj/Sensor/", line 204, in _populateDelftOrbits
orbitFile = arclist.getOrbitFile(self.frame.getSensingStart())
File "/home/insar/isce-2.3.2/install/isce/components/isceobj/Orbit/", line 218, in getOrbitFile
return "ODR." + number
TypeError: must be str, not NoneType

I followed the structure mentioned in the ISCE tutorial and downloaded the orbit files from this website: ( but this issue comes from the orbit. You can find the strimapApp.xml in the attachment. As you can see, I got all of the orbit files and also arclist and put them in a directory to read by the ISCE software. In addition, I selected the "ERS_ENVISAT" option for the sensor type. Could you please guide me to know how I can fix it?


stripmapApp.xml Magnifier (1.9 kB)

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