Warning in the unwrapping process

Added by Sayyed Mohammad Javad Mirzadeh 5 months ago

Dear Support team,

I am going to process the descending images of Sentinel for my study area. Now, in the unwrapping step, I got a warning, which says "WARNINGS: COST CLIPPED IN ThickenCosts()". I can see it is typing frequently in the command line as you can see in the attached image. It is strange that this warning happens for some of the interferograms, not all. Could you please let me know it will affect my processing results? Is it due to the lack of system settings such as memory or for example unwrapping error?


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RE: Warning in the unwrapping process - Added by Piyush Agram 5 months ago

We dont usually encounter this situation. Should not be a big issue as costs might be slightly over 255 when snaphu can only support 1-255, need more information.
You can add print statement here to find out if its a numerical issue:https://github.com/isce-framework/isce2/blob/da9a8afaf593e386cfe55a5495c59e2141481794/contrib/Snaphu/src/snaphu_tile.c#L668