S1-A (Strip) interferogram generation

Added by Sven Borgstrom over 5 years ago

Dear ISCE developers,
we are not able to process a Sentinel (Strip) pair after regular installation of all the packages needed according to the Winsar web page for the installation with packages manager.
We are using Ubuntu 14.04 and the screenshot of the error is in the attached file.
According to the error message, there is an exception indicating that the GDAL Python bindings are not found although we followed step by step, as said, the procedure for complete installation of all dependencies.

P.S.: right now we added a post in the issue section about a problem in CSK data processing but we are not able to move it here. Sorry for mistake.

Test_S1-A_Strip.png (154.9 kB)

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RE: S1-A (Strip) interferogram generation - Added by Piyush Agram over 5 years ago

Hi Sven,
You are missing the python gdal bindings which are needed for Sentinel / Radarsat2/ TandemX. You need to install "python3-gdal" using "apt-get". For a complete list of relevant packages on Ubuntu 14.04, you can see the "default.pp" in the manifests directory of the VM scripts (zipfile) that can be found here: http://earthdef.caltech.edu/boards/4/topics/305