Forest Stand Height (FSH) software upgraded to v1.2

Added by Yang Lei 6 months ago

Dear ISCE users and colleagues,

The Forest Stand Height (FSH) software has been upgraded to v1.2. The new updates are:

1. Preprocessing scripts (in the folder "ISCE_processing_scripts") have been added for using ISCE's insarApp (ISCE v2.0, v2.1 and v2.2) and stripmapApp (ISCE v2.2, v2.3) with only 1 command line for actual data processing after appropriate setup. Test examples of using insarApp and stripmapApp are provided as well. All the historial ISCE versions and the current ISCE version can be used to process ALOS-1 and ALOS-2 stripmap InSAR data.

2. The Python 3 scripts are ready to use. Please use the folder "scripts_Py3" instead of the one using Python 2 ("scripts"). This Python 3 version of the scripts can be run the same as the Python 2 version (replacing "python" in all the following commands with "python3"), or can run in Google Colaboratory (with unix operating system) using Exercise_1_FSH on the SERVIR Global GitHub.

3. Only 2 command lines are involved to automatically perform the forest height inversion and mosaicking task (1 command for FSH inversion and 1 for FSH mosaicking).

4. In a future release of the software, backscatter-inverted mosaic map will also be incorporated to this InSAR coherence-based mosaic map to generate a final mosaic of FSH (see the citation).

For details, please refer to the Wiki page ( and the README page (

Any feedback is appreciated.

Yang Lei