isce2 available via official macports

Added by Piyush Agram over 1 year ago

py36-isce2 and py37-isce2 are ports that are now officially available via macports.

Thanks to contributions from Matthieu Volat.
Current port is v2.3.1 and requires gcc variants to build like

sudo port install py37-isce2 +gcc7

This will be updated to v2.3.2 this week.

User feedback is welcome. You can also issue pull requests via this repository:

> port variants py37-isce2
py37-isce2 has the variants:
   gcc6: Build using the MacPorts gcc 6 compiler
     * conflicts with gcc7 gcc8 gcc9
[+]gcc7: Build using the MacPorts gcc 7 compiler
     * conflicts with gcc6 gcc8 gcc9
   gcc8: Build using the MacPorts gcc 8 compiler
     * conflicts with gcc6 gcc7 gcc9
   gcc9: Build using the MacPorts gcc 9 compiler
     * conflicts with gcc6 gcc7 gcc8

> port notes py37-isce2

  After installation

  After installation and before using ISCE, do the following:

  1) Set environment variable
  2) Append $ISCE_HOME/applications and $ISCE_HOME/bin to PATH.
  3) Stack processing scripts can be found under /opt/local/share/py37-isce2/stack

  Other important notes

  1) GDAL is required for working with Radarsat2, Terrasar-X and Sentinel 1-A.
  Suggested variant of gdal is  +expat+geos+hdf5+netcdf+postgresql95+sqlite3

  2) One can use isce2 with other packages like SpiceyPy, sarpy etc. These will need
  to be installed from source separately.