Homebrew formula for ISCE installation (macOS)

Added by Jose Uribe almost 2 years ago

Probably there are some Homebrew users with Mac computers that want an easy way to install ISCE. I did a simple formula, that can be added as a tap into Homebrew, please see here for installation instructions:


this is still experimental, but at the moment tested and working good on several Macs with High Sierra and Mojave. Any feedback will be very appreciated.

José Uribe.

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RE: Homebrew formula for ISCE installation (macOS) - Added by Piyush Agram almost 2 years ago

Hi Jose,
Thanks for putting this together. This should definitely make it easier for homebrew users. Minor comments.

1. It might be useful to tuck away the contents of contrib/stack under share/isce2. Users can then use this if needed. This is similar to what happens with user contributed scripts for gdal. If anyone wants to use it, they can add the folder to the path. I'm looking in to doing the same thing for conda package as well.

2. There are some hardcoded references to ISCE_HOME floating around in the code. It hasn't been an issue in general but it might show up in some of the processing modules. Is there a mechanism to setup the environment variable automatically post installation?


RE: Homebrew formula for ISCE installation (macOS) - Added by Jose Uribe almost 2 years ago

Hi Piyush,

thanks for the comments.
1) Yes, I agree. I've just added to the formula now. Also, I will update the binary packages soon.
2) I think it is possible to set ISCE_HOME in post installation, for example checking and adding ISCE_HOME to ~/.bash_profile. However, it is something that I haven't seen in Homebrew formulas. In general, they print a "caveats" message informing the users to add modifications to ~/.bash_profile, for example.