Issues and Forums rules and guidelines

Added by Piyush Agram almost 6 years ago

Use theForums page to interact with the ISCE user community.
Use theIssues page to report technical issues to the developers.

  1. Do not upload any ISCE source code (from the distribution tarball) to this website. Snippets of code for discussion is ok.
  2. ISCE will not be distributed through this website. So do not make requests for software here.
  3. Search the posts for related issues before posting a new issue. In all likelihood, your question has already been answered.
  4. When reporting a bug or error, include the detailed error message as part of your post.
  5. When reporting an issue with particular dataset, include details on the sensor, mode, beam, swath etc.
  6. If your post is about installation issues, include details of the operating system, compiler versions, library versions (gdal, hdf5 etc)